• Keeping our community safe is Alderman Lee’s top priority. That’s why she’s been working closely with our local commanders and City Hall leaders to bring more public safety resources to the 11th Ward. 
  • Alderman Lee and her team have attended every CAPS meeting in the 9th District since taking office, to listen to and learn from community members and local police leaders to address public safety concerns. 
  • Alderman Lee fought for more police funding, and voted to increase the CPD budget. She demanded more officers on the ground in the 9th District, and made sure CPD added a new additional patrol to Chinatown to combat robberies and other issues. 
  • Alderman Lee helped secure another $20 million for CTA safety. 
  • Alderman Lee secured more than $300,000 for life-saving traffic calming measures, as well as $300,000 for new LED street lamps. 
  • She also invested $1.5 million for repaving streets and alleys–because clean and safe infrastructure is also a public safety issue.
  • There’s more work to do–and Alderman Lee is ready to keep fighting to make our community safer.

boosting our small businesses

  • Alderman Lee believes small businesses are the lifeblood of our local economy. That’s why she’s working with local small businesses to make sure they have the resources from the City they need in order to thrive. 
  • Alderman Lee secured $2.2 million to complete the Ramova Theater Project, which will inject new life into our Halsted business district.
  • She has also helped local small businesses access Small Business Improvement Fund grants through City Hall.


  • Alderman Lee is committed to doing everything she can to avoid additional property tax increases.
  • That means being a responsible steward of the tax dollars already in use, and ensuring we eliminate waste, fraud and excess wherever possible. 
  • She is committed to working with the Cook County Assessor’s Office and the Cook County Board of Review to make sure 11th Ward residents are accessing all property tax exemptions they’re entitled to, and can appeal wherever possible. 

Independence and Integrity

  • Throughout her time as Alderman, Nicole Lee has proven that she takes her commitment to serving the people of the 11th Ward seriously. Alderman Lee’s priority will always be taking care of the 11th Ward and fulfilling her obligations to its residents. She has voted in the best interest of the ward and will continue to do so. 


  • Our community needs and deserves a high quality, accessible, neighborhood high school. That’s why Alderman Lee has led the fight for the new Near South High School.
  • Alderman Lee is working with CPS to secure more funding for capital improvements for 11th Ward schools.