Since Alderman Nicole Lee took office, she has been a champion for safer neighborhoods, stronger schools, and high-quality services for the 11th Ward. Her work so far has focused on rebuilding infrastructure and investing in our neighborhoods, which includes:

Funding the Ramova Theatre Project

Alderman Lee worked to secure an additional $2.1M for the Ramova Theatre Project, adjusting for increased costs of labor and materials, in order to keep the project on track for completion in Late Summer 2023. The renovation project will not only be an economic catalyst for the 11th Ward, but will be an attraction for the entire city as well. 

Advocating for the Near South High School

As a longtime vocal advocate for the creation of the Near South High School, Alderman Lee has been committed to bringing an open enrollment neighborhood high school that would serve five elementary schools in the 11th Ward. Lee voted in favor of using TIF funds to secure land where the school is slated to be built, propelling the project further than it ever has been before. 

Increasing Transparency and Communication

Alderman Lee has worked to create a new, elevated standard for transparency and communication in the Ward Office, making it a place that is accessible to everyone. She implemented the process of recording and publishing Community Zoning Change Meetings for easy public access and has been regularly publishing a weekly newsletter to keep constituents informed of any news or updates within the ward.